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We live and breathe moving images and have done so for 40 years.

Our patented and Emmy® award winning image processing technology enables media facilities to guarantee pristine, artifact-free images - first time, every time. 

Protect your content

In today’s complex, content everywhere, multi-device world, we help post production houses, content owners, broadcasters and media facilities deliver picture perfect image quality – all the way from the camera to mobile, web, TV or cinema screens.

Protecting your content. Protecting your brand. Protecting your revenue.

Trusted by global brands

Our engineers are constantly exploring the practical implementation of motion compensated processing to support improvements in gray-scale resolution, colorimetry, and especially the higher frame rates needed to support 4K and beyond as well as today’s wide range of mobile display devices. 

Our award winning image processing technology gives our customers the capability to profit from the explosion in consumer demand for content in a multi-device world.

Global brands

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