Quasar XF Format converter without limits

Delivering unrivalled image quality up-down-cross conversion for SD, HD, 1080p, and 4K. 

  • Intelligent adaptive de-interlacing
  • Carefully optimized apertures
  • Scalable architecture

Convert content seamlessly and protect your business with SAM’s renown image quality.

World class technology and more.

Optimized to deliver stunning pictures for all interlaced and progressive content, this latest SAM xFile framework application delivers uncompromised up, down, and cross conversion at a competitive price. 

Quasar XF combines SAM's world class intelligent adaptive de-interlacing technology and carefully optimized scaling apertures to ensure each and every frame of video delivers the maximum possible resolution. 

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Scalability taken to another level.

A scalable, file-based software product, it enables the next generation of unrivalled motion-compensated image transformation “On Demand”.Its Service Orientated Architecture and floating licensing model provides the versatility to evolve and adapt with changing business requirements.

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Implement the software with your own IT. 

The versatile nature of the framework and its products, such as Quasar XF, means that it can run on relatively low end, cost effective infrastructure through to state of the art high end enterprise solutions.

We can help you make an informed hardware purchasing decision. 

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See what others do with Quasar XF.

Quasar XF is a truly universal file-based solution, enabling seamless format conversion between SD, HD, 1080p and 4K.

From VOD package delivery through to up-conversion to 4K, it offers the highest image quality regardless of the content source. 

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Purchase options available at the online SAM Store. 


To help you make the right decision, we offer you the opportunity to experience the full power and capabilities of the product, with a free trial.

This will provide you with the opportunity to trial each of the features as well as test the power of the IT platform you choose to deploy it on. 

Or, if you have already made your purchasing decision, you can straight away buy from our online store. 

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This is what you need.

Quasar XF is a flexible software solution designed to run on commodity IT infrastructure. It can harness the power of either NVIDIA or AMD GPUs to deliver stunning images.

A wide variety of hardware can be used depending on your budget and requirements, from an inexpensive host machine based on an Intel i7 processor with a single GPU through to cluster of Xeon based host machines each running multiple GPUs. 

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