Kronos XF Discover the benefits

Stunning images and perfect pitch

Kronos XF benefits from more than two decades of research and experience into the exacting demands of motion compensated interpolation. It couples this "know how" with the latest innovative image processing technique to provide a solution which offers the industry's best image quality and pitch perfect audio. Dealing with the challenges of today's complex media, Kronos XF seamlessly and transparently retimes media, creating time and money for Service Providers, Broadcasters and Content Owners.

Highest quality motion compensated retiming and unparalleled audio pitch correction

Our finest de-interlacer is now available

Kronos XF offers our latest intelligent adaptive de-interlacing to provide the sharpest pictures ever. Using a robust motion detector, our technology can intelligently soft switch the optimum de-interlacing mode on a pixel by pixel basis to ensure each pixel maintains the maximum possible resolution.

Each de-interlacing mode has been carefully engineered to focus on a particular property of real images. These include static, vertical temporal and  diagonal apertures of varying gradients. The use of soft switching  avoids switching artifacts which can otherwise look more objectionable than the original interlace artifacts.

Each pixel maintains maximum resolution
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