Alchemist XF Image is everything

The world’s best format and frame rate converter, designed specifically for the file-based domain.  

  • Emmy® award winning algorithms
  • Unrivalled Adaptive Cadence Technology
  • Scalable architecture

Convert content seamlessly and protect your business with SAM’s renown image quality.

Not all conversion software is the same

Alchemist XF is an unique media transformation tool carefully designed to process valuable content for your global audience. 

Engineered with content owners and post production facilities in mind, Alchemist XF combines SAM Emmy® award winning image processing technology with commodity IT equipment to deliver picture perfect quality first time, every time. 

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Scalable solution that fits your needs

A scalable, file-based software product, it enables the next generation of unrivalled motion-compensated image transformation “On Demand”. Its Service Orientated Architecture and floating licensing model provides the versatility to evolve and adapt with changing business requirements.

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Software only and turnkey solutions are available

The versatile nature of the framework and its products, such as Alchemist XF, means that it can run on relatively low end, cost effective infrastructure through to state of the art high end enterprise solutions.

Alternatively, if you want to save yourself all the hassle of choosing the appropriate hardware, we also have Alchemist XF Turnkey Solutions available. 

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See what others do with Alchemist XF

We have made a massive impact with post production professionals around the world. Alchemist XF is delivering incredible results on even the most difficult material – including low frame rate and demanding 4K - by tapping into the ever-increasing power of GPU technology and fitting seamlessly into today’s file-based workflows. 

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Purchase options available at the online SAM Store

To help you make the right decision, we offer you the opportunity to experience the full power and capabilities of the product, with a free trial. This will provide you with the opportunity to trial each of the features as well as test the power of the IT platform you choose to deploy it on. 

Or, if you have already made your purchasing decision, we have a few options to choose from. 

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This is what you need

Alchemist XF is a flexible software solution designed to run on commodity IT infrastructure. It can harness the power of either NVIDIA or AMD GPUs to deliver stunning images.

A wide variety of hardware can be used depending on your budget and requirements, from an inexpensive host machine based on an Intel i7 processor with a single GPU through to a cluster of Xeon based host machines each running multiple GPUs. 

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