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NAB 2015: Alchemist XF V2 debuts Adaptive Cadence Technology
April 19th 2015

V2 software for the Alchemist XF format and framerate converter and the Quasar XF format converter is on show for the first time at NAB 2015. V2 software makes it even easier to integrate Alchemist XF and Quasar XF into file-based workflows, and also introduces the revolutionary Adaptive Cadence Technology for Alchemist XF.

Adaptive Cadence Technology solves the problem of converting mixed cadence media which until now has been a costly, time-consuming process requiring intensive manual intervention. Mixed cadences often occur when a program has been edited together using media from different sources, or when film originated media has been subjected to 2:3 pull-down and then electronically re-edited. Adaptive Cadence Technology automatically unpicks redundant fields or frames and dynamically creates new frames as required using SAM’s award-winning algorithms to produce stunning smooth motion with maximum resolution, even with discontinuous 2:3 cadences.

XAVC and MP4 files are now supported in both Alchemist XF and Quasar XF, simplifying workflows by further expanding the range of work that can be handled entirely within xFile framework systems.

Different delivery specifications not only have individual image requirements, but often audio requirements are subtly different too. The new V2 software enables separate audio routing and re-purposing, easing global program exchange; for example, repurposing audio from 2 + 5.1 in and 5.1 + 2 out, or vice versa.

V2 software also supports close captions, automatically converting 608 and 708 for the US market.

“With Adaptive Cadence Technology, we have solved the problem of converting mixed cadence media efficiently while producing highest quality, fluid motion pictures,” said Jeremy Courtney, SAM Head of Media Processing Software. “This is a major breakthrough and demonstrates the potential of our xFile framework to keep driving both the art and science of conversion forward to deliver stunning results for even the most difficult material.”

Find out more about SAM's xFile product portfolio at snellondemand.com

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