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Alchemist XF Sets New Standards in Format and Frame Rate Conversion
February 6th 2015

SAM Alchemist XF – the software version of the world’s best standards converter – has made a massive impact with post production professionals around the world. Alchemist XF is delivering incredible results on even the most difficult material – including low frame rate and demanding 4K - by tapping into the ever-increasing power of GPU technology and fitting seamlessly into today’s file-based workflows. Here’s what a selection of Alchemist XF users have to say:

Deluxe 142

“SAM has repeatedly delivered outstanding quality to us; hence Alchemist XF was on the top of the list when we decided to review file-based conversion solutions. We have looked at every single application out there and Alchemist XF has undoubtedly outperformed all by far. Our clients are global leaders in media and broadcasting and we simply cannot afford to offer anything less than the best,” said Chris Watson, Technical Director, Deluxe Media.

WCP Media Services

“This world class product provides us with a robust, scalable software platform that enables seamless file-based frame rate conversion and allows us to bring enhanced quality to our customers. We expect SAM’s renowned knowledge and expertise in high-end image processing technology to enable us to stay at the forefront of the industry, maintaining our excellent reputation and growing our customer base,” said Dr. Ing. Giovanni Contri, VP Operations, WCP Media Services.


Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH

“We purchased Alchemist XF to take our conversion processes up to UHD in our lab as we already had very good experience with the SAM Alchemist Ph.C-HD for live conversion. SAM has a deep knowledge of conversion algorithms, and this shows again in Alchemist XF,” said Dagmar Driesnack, Project Manager, IRT.


“We have adopted Alchemist XF for handling our file-based format and frame rate conversion in house. We manage a lot of high-profile film content so the quality of the final output is a top priority. Using Alchemist XF gives us an undeniable competitive advantage in our industry. We are delighted with the product,” said Paul Wright, Director of Technology, dragon.

platin media productions

“We purchased Alchemist XF for our Blu-ray & DVD authoring as well as our online video services to improve the quality of our operation and to optimize our workflow. We were familiar with the premium quality of Alchemist Ph.C-HD but we have become more sensitive to conversion artefacts since and with Alchemist XF SAM has once again raised the benchmark. By improving on the conversion quality and removing complex conversion parameters, Alchemist XF enables us to turn work around fast and save costs,” said Harald Gericke, MD, platin media productions GmbH & Co. KG.

Virtual Post

“Alchemist XF is the answer we have sought for standards conversion; it provides unrivalled quality and breathtaking results. It sets a new benchmark for the conversion of performance content for digital cinema, and films for television and DVD, without ever needing to slow down or speed up again,” said Jon Lee, CTO, Virtual Post.


“Alchemist XF has quickly established itself as the premier choice for high quality, file-based standards conversion, delivering even better results than the previous gold standard - Alchemist Ph.C-HD,” said Robert Rowe, managing director of Live TV at SAM. “Combine that with its ability to handle 4K and low frame rates, easy integration with file-based workflows and its competitive pricing, and it’s obvious why Alchemist XF is so much in demand.”

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